Saengtham College Journal presents articles on philosophy, religion, theology, and education. consists of:

          Academic article 3 subject are: "A Theology of Suffering for Today’s Thai Society" By Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr. Satanun Boonyakiat. "Lessons Thai Higher Education can learn from the Open University Concept - Addressing the needs of an aging workforce, reducing education inequality and university survival" By Dr.Prapatsorn Somsathank and group. "Anselm’s ontological argument and its relevance" By Rev.Dr.Werasak Yongsripanithan.

          Research articles from external personnel 6 subject are: "Possibility of John Hick’s Threefold Typology & Religious Pluralism: A Critical Study" By Fumihiko Matsumoto. "The Study of desirable characteristics on Bachelor of Arts Program in Christian Theology (Update B.E.2560) Christian University of Thailand" By Uraiwan Sangvong and group. "The Opinion of Teachers and Students on Bilateral Teaching and learning Management in Thammasat Khlongluang Wittayakom school." By Jamnong Lee Sirirungroj and group. "The Needs for New Teacher of Saint Joseph Convent School Development by Using Mentoring System" By Kaetkaew Punnachet and group. "The Relationships Among Leadership of Middle Administrators, Workplace Spirituality Reinforcement and Job Performance of Teachers in Saint Paul of Chartres’ Schools In Bangkok" By Nipa Pornrerkngam and group. "Factors Affecting the Performance Efficiency of Personnel under Industrial and Community College of Central Region College" By Dr.Phandacha Thonglert.

          Research articles from internal personnel 3 subject are: "Spiritual Communion at Online Masses Practiced of Catholics in Bangkok Archdiocese" By Sitthirit Nansrithong. "Probing the Attitudes and Struggles Toward English Language Learning of Xavier Learning Community (XLC) Students" By Angsumalee Samerporn and group. "Guidelines for Christian Living According to the Virtue of Courage Found in Bishop Louis Laneau’s Life Experience" By Wutthichai Kaewpuang and group.

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Published: 28-06-2022

Spiritual Communion at Online Masses Practiced of Catholics in Bangkok Archdiocese.

Sitthirit Nansrithong, Rev.Dr.Agustinus Sugiyo Pitoyo, Rev.Dr.Surachai Chumsriphun, Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Chartchai Phongsiri, Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasootsaengchan


Probing the struggles and Attitudes Toward English Language Learning of Xavier Learning Community (XLC) Students.

Angsumalee Samerporn, Asst.Prof.Dr.Aphisit Kitcharoen, Saranyu Pongprasertsin , Rev.Theeraphol Kobvithayakul, Rev.Dr.Agustinus Sugiyo Pitoyo, Jarmriang Prombutra, Sikarin Kosanwattana


Guidelines for Christian Living According to the Virtue of Courage Found in Bishop Louis Laneau’s Life Experience.

Wutthichai Kaewpuang, Rev.Dr.Pichet Saengthien, Rev.Dr.Surachai Chumsriphun, Brother Dr.Bernard Wirth, Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasootsaengchan