Probing the struggles and Attitudes Toward English Language Learning of Xavier Learning Community (XLC) Students.

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Angsumalee Samerporn
Asst.Prof.Dr.Aphisit Kitcharoen
Saranyu Pongprasertsin
Rev.Theeraphol Kobvithayakul
Rev.Dr.Agustinus Sugiyo Pitoyo
Jarmriang Prombutra
Sikarin Kosanwattana


This study aims to (1) survey Xavier Learning Community students’ attitudes and motivation types toward English Language learning; and (2) to survey the struggles and needs in language learning in order to support their language learning effectively. The Participants in this research were 92 undergraduate students and English language learners from Xavier Learning Community. The research instrument was the questionnaire that was adapted from the Gardner’s The Attitude/Motivation Test Battery (AMTB) from 2004. It was conducted, and the data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The study shows that (1) students exhibit a high level of interest and are aware of the importance of the English Language and instrumental motivation is the major motivation because students believe that English would be useful for their future; (2) listening
skill is the most challenging skill for English learning,
following by writing, speaking, and reading; and a lack
of vocabulary for responding is the major problem in XLC

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Samerporn, A., Kitcharoen, A., Pongprasertsin , S., Kobvithayakul, T., Pitoyo, A. S., Prombutra, J., & Kosanwattana, S. (2022). Probing the struggles and Attitudes Toward English Language Learning of Xavier Learning Community (XLC) Students . Saengtham College Journal, 14(1), 111–125. Retrieved from
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