The Study of The Virtue of Minor Seminarians at Sacred Heart Seminary, Sriracha.

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Arnon Tanchai
Rev.Dr.Agustinus Sugiyo Pitoyo
Rev.Dr.Nantapon Suksumran
Rev.Dr.Chaerdchai Lerdchidlaka
Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasutsaengchan


The objectives of this research “The Study of The Virtue of Minor Seminarians at Sacred Heart Seminary, Sriracha.” were 1) to study the behavior level that reflects the level of virtue of minor seminarians at Sacred Heart Seminary, Sriracha in the academic year 2562; 2) to study the guidelines for the continuous virtue development of minor seminarians at Sacred Heart Seminary, Sriracha. The sample instruments of this research were the questionnaires and group discussion of issues with eleven experts. The statistics used for data analysis were frequency, percentage, average scores, standard deviation and content analysis. The result showed that  1. The behavior of Minor Seminarians at Sacred Heart Seminary, Sriracha reflects that the morality as a whole is at a high level. When considering each aspect by sorting the practices in order according to the average scores, the first is “Service” (μ=3.92 σ= .616). The second is “Courage” (μ=3.76 σ=.681). The third is “Fraternity Love” (μ=3.70 σ=.501). The fourth is “Prudence” (μ=3.69 σ=.721). The fifth is “Honesty” (μ=3.66 σ=.559). The sixth is “Compassion” (μ=3.59 σ=.739). The seventh is “Sufficiency” (μ=3.40 σ=.594), and The last one is “Faith” (μ=3.22 σ= .738).  2. The guidelines for the continuous development of morality of minor seminarians at Sacred Heart Seminary, Sriracha, according to the opinion of the experts group are as follows: 2.1 There should be formation to instill virtue in minor seminarians at Sacred Heart Seminary, Sriracha. This formation should focus on discipline, volunteer spirit of living together as a group. The formation should match the age of minor seminarians and create goals in life and motivation to receive the education in the seminary. 2.2 The morals and beliefs of the seminarians should be developed by providing education and practice in thanksgiving, prayer, and meditation. 2.3 Morals of sufficiency for the seminarians should be developed by promoting the value of simplicity, focusing on spiritual values rather than objects, and knowing the value of things that are used for the maximum benefit of oneself and the public. 2.4 Seminarians should be equipped with a practical ability to discern, by training them to understand, plan, make decisions, express opinions, analyze and evaluate things around them; giving importance to calming and focusing the conscience to lead to the growth of inner life. 2.5 The Diocese should pay attention to the importance of the appointment of formators to work together and follow the plan to determine a consistent method. There should be a clear training goals, and a ways and means should be developed for use in training that suits the situation, including being a good example for their fellow seminarians. 2.6 There should be a clear policy related to formation to the seminarians, such as assigning suitable people to be formators and establishing a clear and continuous formation policy and direction, providing opportunities for laypeople to participate in the development of seminarians formation. 

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