Simplicity of Life for The Seminarian of Dominic Savio Seminary Suratthani Diocese

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Pisit Yorsaep
Rev.Dr.Surachai Chumsriphun
Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Chartchai Phongsiri
Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasootsaengchan


          This combined research purposes to study; 1) Simplicity of Life for the Seminarian of Dominic Savio Seminary, Suratthani Diocese. 2) Seminarian's Simplicity in the feature of Development Guidelines of Dominic Savio Seminary, Suratthani Diocese. The study of population was of 32 Seminarians at the Dominic Savio Seminary. The studying tool was a questionnaire. The statistics using in the analysis consisted of frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. Qualitative data obtained from a group interview of 6 experts were obtained by selective selection. The tool using was a semi-structured interview. Data analysis used content analysis.
          The results of this research reveal:
          1. The practice of simplicity of the Seminarian at the Dominic Savio Seminary, Suratthani Diocese, is at a high level. Sorted in descending order of mean, i.e., intelligence, humanity. pastoral and spiritual life.
          2. The Guidelines for the development in practice of Simplicity of the Seminarian of the Dominic Savio Seminary, Suratthani Diocese are as follow;
          2.1 Seminarian should have a community life, paying attention to meditation, attending the Mass and having the retreat and contemplating, discover his true motivation, attempt for education. Take the time to seek the knowledge and spending the time usefully, leaving safe zone and practice a simple life.
          2.2 The Dominic Savio Seminary must properly cultivate a conscience to Seminarians. Training Seminarian to truly approach to spirit of service, Seeing the importance of meditation, Attending the Mass and being silent. Seminarian is to do all activities or pastoral work which are helping to inspire them to become a priest. Seminarian should go out and experience real situation of life, finding new challenges to inspire themselves. Seminarian is familiar with different formation both in positive and negative dimension, including setting guidelines for equal personal spending.
          2.3 The Formator should be a good example for
          2.4 The family and the Dominic Savio Seminary
should cooperate in providing continuous training for

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Yorsaep , P., Chumsriphun, S. ., Phongsiri, C. ., & Prasootsaengchan, L. (2023). Simplicity of Life for The Seminarian of Dominic Savio Seminary Suratthani Diocese. Saengtham College Journal, 15(1), 28–51. Retrieved from
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