Saengtham College Journal presents articles on philosophy, religion, theology, and education. A study  which consists of 12 research papers on divided into:

        Research articles from internal personnel 5 subject are:
          1) "Simplicity of Life for The Seminarian of Dominic Savio Seminary Suratthani Diocese" By Pisit Yorsaep and group.
          2) "The Relationship between Happiness Index and Academic Achievements of University Students in Xavier Learning Community, Chiang Rai" By Sikarin Kosanwattana and group.
          3) "The Role of the Legion of Mary for Strengthening Virtue of Faith Toward Christian’s Life Case Study: The Archdiocese of Bangkok" By Tanaboon Poonphol and group.
          4) "Status of Human Embryo According to the Roman Catholic Teaching" By Nattapong Seansooriwong and group.
          5) "A Case Study of Moral Principles Involved in The Pastoral Care of HIV-Affected Children in Sarnelli House Project, Nongkhai, Thailand" By Wuttichai Jantarak and group.

          Research articles from external personnel 7 subject are:
          1) "Basic Education Administration of Home School in Provincial Educational Agency" By Sutinan Poolsombut and group.
          2) "The Development of Analytical Thinking Ability for Students in early childhood program of special education course by Using Game-Based-Learning" By Asst.Prof.Thasanai Gowithayakorn and group.
          3) "The Development of Critical Thinking Ability and Learning Achievement in Science for the Sixth Grade Students by Using STEM Instruction" By Kansiya Pattamavilai and group.
          4) "Development of Promoting Self-Discipline Model of Students in Banglane Wittaya School" By Sornchei kasemsuk and group.
          5) "Development of the Model for promoting Classroom Research of Teachers in Wat Jantaram (Tangtrongjit 5) School" By Krittiphon Nentakong and group.
          6) .The Study of Intergenerational Relationships of Students in Saint Louis College. By Dr.Athcha Chuenboon and group.
          7) "The Scenario of Higher Education Administration of Chinese Buddhist Order of Sangha in Thailand" By Phra Weerapong Pasanon and group.

          Finally, the editorial team of the Saengtham College Academic Journal. We would like to thank all the experts for their kind assistance in evaluating the articles  so that our journals have the quality  suitable for publishing and being a source of reference for research in philosophy, religion, theology, and education.

Published: 23-06-2023

Basic Education Administration Of Home School In Provincial Educational Agency.

Sutinan Poolsombut , Asst.Prof.Dr.Nuchnara Rattanasiraprapha


Simplicity of Life for The Seminarian of Dominic Savio Seminary Suratthani Diocese

Pisit Yorsaep , Rev.Dr.Surachai Chumsriphun, Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Chartchai Phongsiri, Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasootsaengchan


Development of Promoting Self-Discipline Model of Students in Banglane Wittaya School.

Sornchei Kasemsuk, Dr.Apinun Untaweesin, Assoc.Prof. Dr.Choomsak Intarak


The Study Of Intergenerational Relationships Of Students In Saint Louis College.

Dr.Athcha Chuenboon, Dr.Chutima Saengdararat, Pavadee Ramsit, Sarawut Mungsoongnern


The Relationship between Happiness Index and Academic Achievements of University Students in Xavier Learning Community, Chiang Rai.

Sikarin Kosanwattana, Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Aphisit Kitcharoen, Dr.Saranyu Pongprasertsin, Rev.Chetha Chaiyadej , Rev.Dr.Pichet Saengthien, Rev.Vatcharapol Koochad , Jamriang Prombutr, Angsumalee Samerporn


The Role of the Legion of Mary for Strengthening Virtue of Faith Toward Christian’s Life Case Study : The Archdiocese of Bangkok.

Tanaboon Poonphol , Rev.Dr.Agustinus Sugiyo Pitoyo, S.J., Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasootsaengchan


Status of Human Embryo According to the Roman Catholic Teaching.

Nattapong Seansooriwong, Rev.Dr.Cherdchai Lertjitlekha


A Case Study of Moral Principles Involved in The Pastoral Care of HIV-Affected Children in Sarnelli House Project, Nongkhai, Thailand.

Wuttichai Jantarak, Rev.Dr.Surachai Chumsriphun, Asst.Prof.Dr.Laddawan Prasootsaengchan