The creation of the Burapha Fine Art Journal with the objective to publicize and disseminate information on academic works, research and creative works in every field of visual arts and design, music as well as management of arts and culture, art history, museum management and anthropology. In the form of documents of academic articles, research articles, academic translation documents and other related forms that will benefit society and the public

Vol. 24 No. 2 (2564): Burapha Arts Journal

This Burapha Art Journal would like to adjust to be the edition that combines the articles of the year 2021, including the 1st and 2nd edition as well, because in this year 2021, the period of the magazine will be changed as according to the picture Type of Thai Journal Citation Index Index (TCI) which specifies the period of publication of the journal within the specified period. From previously published Issue 1 of November to April and Issue 2 of May to October To meet the criteria in the year By adjusting the 1st version to be in the period from January to June And the second edition of the program between July and December Therefore having to combine both journals Edition of 2021 To be within December Including preparation for quality improvement of journals in many areas for access to quality assessments in 2021 and to develop into journals in group 1 in the future.
For submitting articles in the Burapha Fine Arts Journal, the format of the publication is determined. The journals can be downloaded. The rules for preparing original articles for consideration can be downloaded at In developing the form of article submissions, the editorial team has prepared a form for submitting articles through the Thai Journals Online (ThaiJO) system, which is the central electronic database system of Thailand so that those interested can pass the information faster and more conveniently.
With the policy to support the promotion of creative research and academic research is important of the Faculty of Fine Arts, continuous quality development is needed. We sincerely hope that Burapha Art Journal will be a medium for disseminating academic information in every field of art. Including music, culture, technology, which is beneficial to academics, researchers, and students who are interested, and is also a channel of database for further research in the future

Published: 2021-07-06

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