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Academic journal Philosophy, Religion, Theology and Education is a six-month journal published twice a year, namely 1 January - June, 2 July - December, by publishing research articles. Academic Articles The content is presented in Thai or English with the quality of professors, scholars, researchers and experts in philosophy, religion, theology and education, which Saengtham College has created as a source of dissemination of knowledge in philosophy, religion, theology and Education both as a research result of faculty and staff within the college. As well as the work of students Such work has to go through a quality assessment process (Peer Review) from at least 2 experts per article in order to make Sangtham College Academic Journal as a source of academic service that meets international standards. With the following objectives:
      1. To be a platform to disseminate research results And academic performance of faculty members both in and outside the college As well as independent academics.
      2. Connect the academic world And disseminate philosophical, religious, theological and educational knowledge to benefit the community and society as a whole.
      3. Promote and encourage research. And the development of knowledge in philosophy, religion, theology and more education.

ขอปิดรับบทความ (ชั่วคราว)


กองบรรณาธิการขอปิดรับบทความชั่วคราว ตั้งแต่วันที่ 1 มกราคม 2564 เป็นต้นไป
หากมีการเปิดรับบทความเพิ่ม กองบรรณาธิการจะประกาศให้ทราบเป็นระยะต่อไป

* หากมีข้อสงสัย ท่านสามารถติดต่อได้ที่เบอร์ 0-2429-0100-3 (อ.ศรัญญู พงศ์ประเสริฐสิน)
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Vol. 12 No. 2 (2020): July-December 2020

Published: 2021-01-18

The Curriculum Improvement of the Curriculum on Bachelor of Education Program in Christian Studies, Faculty of Divinity. (Update B.E. 2558)

Rev.Asst.Prof.Dr.Watchasin  Kritjaroen, Rev.Asst.Prof.Wasan Pirulhwong, Rev.Dr.Werasak Yongsripanithan, Rev.Chedtha  Chaiyadej, Rev.Dr.Pichet Saengthien, Sudhathai Niyomtham, Lalita Kitpramuan


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