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Vol. 10 No. 2 (2021): (July-December 2021)

Published: 2021-12-01

The Representation of Women in Popular Country Songs

Rapeepat Hansopa, Chettha Chakchai, Payong Moonvapee


A Sufficiency Barn for Paddy Storage

Sukon Artrit, Promchai Suphaan, Supalak Sreenoi, Boonpeng Sittivongsa


The Development of the Curriculum and Medias of Learning and Teaching for Dhamma Scholar Householders in Secondary Level

Phramaha Maghavin Purisuttamo, Phamaha Phichet Attanurakkee, Phramaha Pongpisit Thanavsro, Phanomnakorn Meeraka, Mae Chee Chintakan Thammarakkhita, Manatsawee Srinont, Somkid Chainan


The Application of Dhamma Principle in Daily Life

Phra Sitthichai Rinrit, Phramaha Yothin Massuk, Phramaha Aphipong Khamhongsa, Phramaha Watthana Khantacha, Phra Phanompon Kabbun, Phasakorn Dokchan, Chatree Pengtam


The Political Development in Relation to Development Management

Sompong Suwannaphuma, Boonpeng Sittivongsa, Artit Saegchawek, Hathaiwan Tunyapanich


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